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Build Transformation Capabilities

Innovation for innovation-sake is of no value. Innovation must deliver an outcome; transformation must deliver value – added premium to the value of your business.

Agility Shift’s approach is to shift your mind set and extend your capabilities that builds a pragmatic practice in your business that engenders identification of real problems to be solved, the seeking of real opportunities to add a premium to your business in a culture of creative thinking and agile adoption of new ways to grow your business, while still being cognisant of the need to sustain and maintain business as usual during the transformation.


Identify New Areas of Opportunity

Where to transform is key; there are many parts of the business where innovation can be applied.

But will they deliver the premium your are seeking?

Agility Shift’s beings an ability to gain insights into new areas of opportunity that deliver added premiums in your business.

This can be achieved through:

  • translating the enormous intellectual capital developed held captive in your business over many years and release this into scalable, replicable intellectual property which can be productised and these new offerings could be scaled globally.
  • seeking opportunities in adjacent customer segments and markets
  • entering via a different market entry point

Create New Modes of Delivery

Innovating at the back-end will not adequately support growth.

Agility Shift provides a focus on how to exploit new business models and leverage emerging enabling technologies to create new modes of delivery; to connect with existing customers as well as new customers to expand, export and scale globally.

Combined with extended transformation capabilities, focussing in prioritised new areas of opportunity you will be able create lean rapid solutions to test, pivot with agility and firm the growth plan to pursue based on new modes of delivery.

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Initiate Transformation

A strategy that can’t be executed is a waste of time and effort.

Agility Shift understands what is needed to initiate and successfully execute transformation projects:

  • shareholder or management commitment and support; based upon returns on investment
  • required resources: whether that be human, intellectual or financial capital; how to source and select the best
  • execution plans: clear deliverables; progressively delivery value